Pre Donington Show picture (Sunday)

Good to see you all today (Brendan, we’ll have to stop meeting like this, people will talk hehe)Here’s a pic of us lined up at the services. (click to enlarge) [image][/image] (from left to right) Noel, Me, Brendan, Pesky, and Russell TYou have to be a die hard early-bird to get parked up in the “lotus cars” area. There’s no doubt that the Exige is gawped at wherever it goes. It’s a shame we had to park around the back, out of sight of an adoring public [image][/image][This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 11 March 2001).]

It was nice to meet you guys today !After the show I went next door to see the bike racing - I couldn’t resist the noise !My car was all on it’s own when I got back [image][/image] What time did you guys leave ? Anyone pick up a bargain ?

We (Pesky, Russ and I) disappeared at about 1:30 if I recall correctly.Here’s some more pictures kindly supplied by Noel:(Click to enlarge) [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image] [This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 11 March 2001).]

Nice ones - David & Noel [image][/image]

You got home ok then Pesky ? Did your better half tell you about the mystery phone caller - t’was I - to be known in future as the dope who cannot use a phone.

Russ,The “Boss” hasn’t mentioned it - unknown to me, she’s obviously used to “unusual” phone calls then, [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]See ya soon.

Top draw gents looks the dogs bits. I hope I can make it next time (bloody work)

have a look at the reg on this one seen on the Sat

I noticed that one too. I’ve been trying to get hold of a self adhesive number plate for mine, but I can’t find anybody who makes them any more.

Are you sure they’re legal ?I thought they had to be at no more than X degress from vertical.

Well, listen to Mr ‘No Tax Disc In His Windscreen’ [image][/image]It might not be very legal, but you’ll probably get away with it.

…and you save weight.

AND there’s got to be a small aerodynamic improvement. Both in terms of drag, and downforce. Okay, very small but hey, it’s probably as useful as the weight saving.

…and if you don’t wear your watch during a drive the weight saving is going to be ballistic…

Have you guys seen my carbon fibre underwear? [image][/image]

brendan, if you had the carbon fibre airbox, you wouldn’t need that…

Bruno, I’ve got that as well. What I’m looking for now, is a titanium wife.

erm… brendan… I suppose that is going to be a tough one… happy hunting anyway…have you tried an inflatable one… very handy indeed…think of the space problem in your car…and cheaper to “run” anyway…he-he…