Pre Donington Show pics

Good to see you guys today (Steve, Brendan, Phil and their significant others)[image][/image][image][/image]

great stuff, chaps !erm… but I think there is definetely a BRG one missing here…shame about the weather, eh??cheers,bruno

David, sorry I didn’t manage more than a passing hello this morning. As I am sure you guys found out there was plenty to talk about with other owners of the same car. Although Exige content is not too high, I did get some pictures of Exiges at the show - just uploading stuff to here :

That’s OK Rod,It was all a bit of a blur.You said “Hi” at least !

Oooh, that yellow one looks nice. And I like the headlights! Shame about the rusty wheels on the grey one [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Admin5:That’s OK Rod,It was all a bit of a blur.You said “Hi” at least !The whole day was a bit of a blur, the Elan meeting I organised got way out of control, I never expected so many people to actually turn up. Imagine how you had to talk to 3 people about the mods to your car, I had 20 people wanting to ask me the same questions over and over again. So didn’t find time to talk to any dealers about Exiges ! I believe I did notice a set of rims with race tyres on them, that were apparently for an Exige/Elise - did you see them ?

I noticed a green elan being pulled by an unmarked police car on the M1 north…