Power & Pipes

Picked up my ‘new’ Exige yesterday - 6000 miles on the clock. The dealer spec’d it as a 177hp with standard exhaust system. Having had a 111s with race pipe & cat replacement pipe for a couple of years I thought it wouldn’t be extremely different.However, it is very loud, expecially on overrun where it pops frequently and backfires occasionaly. It is so loud that having the stereo on seems to be pretty pointless! This isn’t a complaint as it sounds great, but from a standard pipe? Is this normal?Additionaly the power seems to be well delivered with none of the flat spots or low rev / low torque mix I was expecting. I am not entirely sure if the 190hp upgrade has not been done, is there any easy way to check?Looking forward to taking it out on the track in a couple of weeks time, but want to make sure it is running correctl;y first, any advice appreciated [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

Hmm, without taking it to bits? What temperature does it run at?About 87 probably means upgrade has not been done. About 82 means it probably has.Or I could be talking bollocks.Cheers

Thanks Mark, have checked and it runs at 85C/86C, guess it hasn’t been done then!

Insane dj,Sounds like your catalytic convertor may have been taken off if it is backfiring.Does it back fire on the overun at @4500 revs?If you look underneath the back of the car you will see if the cat has been removed.Which track days are you hooked up for?Mike

Thanks Mike.The backfire is around 4500rpm, although popping is across the range on the overrun. Seems incredibly loud for the standard exhaust. Will have a look for the cat (or lack thereof!) later today.Track days:13th April - Hethel27th April - Bentwaters28th April - Bentwaters (TBC)18th May - Bruntingthorpe Proving Grounds21st June - Kemble AirfieldEarly July (first week - TBC) - Circuit de Catalunya, Spain + Magny Cours, FranceAre you going to any of these?Hopefully I’ll bump into another Exige with standard pipes so I can compare. The noise limit at Hethel is a bit of a concern but I guess I’ll find out on arrival!

Insane djSounds like you’ve got the same as me - standard exhaust with cat removed - a mate has exactly the same on his Exige and it sounds identical. Check the cat has been removed - if it has, your dealer needs to give it to you - they cost a fortune and you will eventually need it for your MOT.Track days-easytrack.co.uk - Brands on 19th aprilbookatrack.com - Cadwell 1st May, Donnington 29th June and Silverstone 31st July so far.Let me know if you have any probs with yer pipe and we’ll meet up.Mike

Thanks Mike,The cat pipe is out, have asked the dealer for it which they have said they will supply (really should have been with the car I think).Went out on the Southrun yesterday which was great fun. One other Exige there but with a sports exhaust, which I couldn’t even hear over mine!A couple of people mentioned the backfires. One elise behind me thought the engine had blown on one backfire - surely this is isn’t good for my engine?Between the overun pops and backfires it sounds like a bag of nails! Would appreciate any advice as I’m concerned about causing any damage. Would the 190 upgrade help?

You could check the over-run sensor is still connected on the lower wishbone of the off-side rear, mine wasn’t connected and it was always popping !!Oh…your bag of nails may be blown baffles in the standard exhaust…caused by the backfires and pops…HTH[This message has been edited by Phil Davies @ home (edited 08 April 2002).]