Portable Battery Starter

Hi All

Does anyone have any experience with something like this:
grandprix product

Does the Exige (s2) allow power to be sent back through the in car socket and if so is it worth putting another socket in (maybe in the boot area?). Ie is it a one way (diode, etc) for the car socket?

Otherwise this unit can be purchased with a female socket to jump leads!!

Thanks for help in advance!


If you don’t drive your car every day I would just hook your car up to a battery conditioner/trickle charger when parked.

exactly how much current at 12v dc can flow in that, with those wires ?

it claims to be able to fully charge a flat battery in a couple of minutes that’s alot of energy through thin cables. I also think that your battery wouldn’t like it either…it will be fizzing away!

For the same money you can get a CETEK

…and since I own an Exige, you’ll get free delivery