Popped my Exige cherry!


Died last night at the Midlands Lotus Pub Meet. Ran for about 4 minutes and then just died, no spluttering.

There’s no spark at all. Looking through the forum it could be a number of things so it’s off to NW under warranty.

Got home at 3.30am this morning on one of the wettest and windiest nights this year.

I see it as an addition to the learning curve… No point letting these things get you down.

Nice looking car

Really sorry to hear that. Hope it’s easily sorted. I wonder if it’s the coil pack again; it was replaced just before you bought it.

Cheers Brendan.

Yes, I hear the coil pack is fragile. It will be a bit of a pain to go and get it from NW when they have fixed it (we’ve got a trackday next Wednesday at Llandow) but I’m glad they are looking at it.

Not much you can do about things like that, still looks lovely!!!

I always thought that car looked great on a transporter

Yours wouldn’t be the only Exige coil pack that’s been playing up today. Simon rang me.

The question we discussed was are there any alternatives? His RAC guy mentioned something from Demons. Anybody?


you are correct I parked the car in the garage after getting back from France, 4 days later won’t start. Clean up all the sensors still no luck, check for a spark with a spare plug, appears a bit weak so I call the RAC home start. He cleans up the coil pack, cleans the contacts which are very corroded and the car starts, but suggests I replace it with a better quality one from Demons.
Has anybody changed the coilpack for another make? Or where is the best place to get a replacement?


IIRC it’s from a Vauxhall (Calibra ?). A search should turn up a parts number - I think either AndyD, Remarklima or JasonR posted it.

See ya next weekend

Calibra coil-pack is more expensive than the lotus one.

Motaquip VCL625 does the job but you need to switch plug leads 2 with 1 and 3 with 4 to make it work - because the LT plug is connected the wrong way round for us… cost me �41 for one in April… but the really good thing is you will get one from ANY motorfactor. Comes from a Punto or Alfa 1.8 i think.

Cheers chaps for the info.

Just renewed my coil with a new Lotus one at �95 - missfire problem turned out to be leads. Still no doubt the spare coil will come in handy one day

The beast is back and firing on all cylinders.

Got given a few fuses just incase it happens again. Think we’ll book it in again for a week incase there’s something causing the failures, plus a couple of small niggles to sort.

The beast is back and firing on all cylinders.

That’s enough about Fiona, how’s ya mota?

Only kidding Fiona - honest

Don’t know, I’ll give her a full test later

Didn’t get to drive it home as Fiona grabbed the keys and was off. I had to chase in the Punto

Still beat her home though. lol

Glad you’ve got her running again. Was it the coil pack?

Just a fuse apparently, but don’t know what caused the fuse to blow. Maybe a short in the wiring harness?

Interesting. It was actually a fuse the last time it broke down. They replaced the fuse, and it broke down on the test drive. Then they found a problem with the coil pack, and changing that seemed to stop the fuse blowing. Guess not

I suspect you’ll be going back again with this one

Yep it’ll go back if it’s not right.


If it does, get them to check the wiring from the ECU as it passes through the rear bulkhead to the engine. The wiring in mine got chaffed, causing an intermittant misfire over a period of months (each time being cured by switching off for 30 secs to reset the ECU), then eventually literally frying the coil pack! ie something relatively simple to fix, but a pain in the @rse to initially diagnose!

Will do. PS do you work at First Direct?