Poor Starting Tip

Up until a few weeks ago my Exige was being used every morning to take me to the local railway station some 5 miles away. Then in the evening I would drive it home again. (I was working in London). Doing that every day with a blast every weekend gave me starting problems either in the morning or evening.
Now I take the car to work in Portmouth every day, a blast of 20 odd miles - and no starting problems.
So maybe Exiges don’t like lots of short runs and get clogged up.
Does this sound familiar to others with starting problems??


I don’t think ANY car likes short trips like this… they can’t really get any operating heat in them at all, and an exige with its high state of tune will probably hate it more than most so I guess it could have been the source of your problems…

for a 5 mile trip, i’d use a bicycle…