poor acceleration + smoke

I have been using the car everday for a week approx 20miles each way mainly on the A3 and on Sataurday the car was hestitant to pull away and on hard acceration I noticed that their was some sort of ‘smoke’ from the rear of the car. I have checked the oil and it seems fine.

In addition to this when I start the car in the mornings for it to warm up the car is smelling very rich is this normal or is the car runinng rich thus the hestiant takeoff and the ‘smoke’ under accerlation.

The car has a cat pipe fitted is this makes a difference.

All comments gratefully appreciated

Under hard acceleration you could be getting wheelspin, and that would give you smoke, but I would have thought you would have heard and felt that!!

What colour are the plugs??

Down a cylinder? If it is, it’s good there’s no Cat, as unburned fuel can set it on fire!


it is not wheel spin but will check the plugs,


If its a 190 then yes it smells very rich on start up … in fact most times it smells rich !! ( no cat I guess )

Have you had the ECU upgrade / recall ??

Maybe it was just chocked up - mines the same sometimes, a damn good thrashing gets it running sweet.

Smoke ? - it was quite cold Saturday are you sure it wasn’t just water getting blasted out the exhuast ( steam )

Andy it is a 190 and had the work done by lotus in the last 9 months, I was wondering if all it needed was a thrashing but wanted to check first just in case there may be another problem