Poll : Do you work in IT?

I am attempting to work out if the statement that Mighty Car Mods ( see youtube ) stated that a vast majority of people who own a Lotus work in IT.

Do you work in IT?

  • Yes
  • No

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Work in Manufacturing. Welding/steel work.

Sod a desk job :sweat_smile:

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I know how to kill people efficiently or drive a computer.

One pays well, the other is legal.

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Is that killing them with a PC cd ejector? like ninja stars? if so. Can you get me one?

Its not the 1990s any longer! No one uses CDs these days :slight_smile:

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not unless you’re killing someone.

What is this IT Witchcraft you speak of?

I’m a manager for a lighting company, I prefer to see people face to face rather than visually.

I know lots of people.

I don’t really like meeting them.

They are too people-ey

Hello. My name is Paul and I’m from the Internet. :wave:

Yes - I am a sad communications muppet, no excuses. Two of best friends that also own Lotus’s , one represents IT comms again and a shining star who really does work in engineering design and did suspension work on the MX5 S1 all those years ago…

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