Polar Blue Exige S2 Touring

Hi all, about time I started some form of log…

I am no way a good novelist, so don’t expect the next Shakespeare here…

I always knew I wanted a supercharger because after coming from a Mini Cooper r53, you cant beat the SC noise. So that lead me on to the Exiges, a car which I once thought was out of my price range. I first test drove on a white Exige at Hoffmans in Henley and from then I knew I needed an Exige.

Between working hard doing overtime, buying a house, more overtime, a wedding, more overtime I finally managed to aquire an Exige.

I bought my Exige of will Blackham in 2020, after missing out on an Exige in Isotope Green and one in Moon Stone Silver. While not my first choice. The Polar Blue has really grown on me. My intention is to keep this as a useful log to keep track of everything.

So far, I have just driven and thoroughly enjoyed the car. Been on a few drives about with friends and solo.

First detail and discovered the imperfections our monkey bran misses when buying shiny things…

Inspector Spot

Right now, the car is tucked up in the garage, MOT booked for the 20th. Started up for the first time today. Fired up right away. Indicator was a little sticky but that sorted it self. Next big job is repair some damage from a carpark :frowning: along with the BIG job of replacing the blower resistors, she needs a service, another clean.

Current list of things to do are…
Charge cooler. - I can weld so watch this space.
Bump power to 280-300hp
Powder coat wishbones and new bushes.
Really want to upgrade the headlights. further research needed.
Re-upholster the interior, roof, Dash, door cards and sills.
More powder coating
ExigeS240 alloys…
[x} New rubber - gone for Nankangs. I’m impressed.



Which Nankangs? AR1?

Power will be fun, you know about the gearbox tendancy to go AWOL though right?

I do like the colour!

Yeah, aware of the gearboxes being chocolate, I’ve seen @Fonzey attempts at getting more power. 280-300 with 300 being MAX

Currently have the Nankang NS2R. Had A048s before. The Nans are a much softer sidewall so the ride has gotten better, but as expected less sheer grip. The Nans are more suited for my regular driving which is what I wanted. Better at dispersing water etc.


I think its the torque and loadup that kills them. They just arent rated for much more than 180ibft from what I can gather.

Your blower will limit you as well. The MP62 is at the higher end of the efficiency chart already.

Dont get me wrong - awesome cars but need some money thrown at them to get them solid and > 180ibft.

I think between a charge cooler, larger injectors and a good remap, will be enough.

Good work starting the thread, look forward to progress

Great read. I think the Polar Blue suits it very nicely. Keep pics/reports coming!

Welcome :wave: That white S2 Exige you drove at Hofmanns is now for sale at Barry Elys.

Whereabouts are you located?

My my. It is! looks the same as when I drove it.

Its not moved far from Henley.

Today was D day(MoT)

After a run rundown Sunday the car seemed ok. Only sticking point… was the initiator relay sticking! However that freed it send up after some persuasion. Flew through the MOT so we’re good for the year!

Ready for summer and I now have the energy and motivation to start sorting issues on it. :slight_smile:

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I find the MOT one of the most stressful times of the year. No idea why!