can anyone please tell me the recommended replacement plugs for my car pleeeese

Champion RC6YCC or NGK BPR 7 ESL.


thanking you


I think it should be BKR7E for the NGK equivalent?

If i was you i’d stick with the Champion standard item

Although champion are the stock item most people I’ve spoke to said champion plugs are poo and the NGK’s are much much better…

Just to add a bit of confusion Soz!

Much better for what ? - Giving a spark ?

Much better for what ? - Giving a spark ?

LOL! No idea, just the general concensus of all the racers I know (bike and some Superlight peeps), Sinclaires and my mech too all say simple “champion are sh*t”, you know how people just don’t like certain things…

I’m pretty sure the plug I blew up in MR2 was from a champion set, replaced with some bosche and no worries for another 2k miles of bouncing off the rev limiter

Personally I found that the 2 times I had the Exige at Bedford, the 1st time I had NGK’s (BCP 7ES) and had no worries at all… The 2nd time was with the Champ RC6YCC’s and towards the end of the day there was a certain “wollyness” towards the end of long sessions. I personally don’t think they’re very good at long stints of hard work and won’t be using them again.

Just my 2p. Like everything it’s all personal preference

I use the NGK BPR 7 ESL because I like them more than Champion � but don�t know exactly why. May be it comes from Bike Racing, where I had some troubles with Champion but never with NGK�