Which plugs are/would people run in a tuned 2ZZ.

Are the plugs dead then?

on a tuned honda I used these:

I prefer the Orange ones. :slight_smile:

Yes one of the plugs was dead hence end of play last Tuesday.

I hate knowing everything :wink: :smiley:

:smiley: pity you didn’t know in advance and I’d have had some spares.

I will work on that. :smiley:

In fairness though, I found that in a car that runs a fair amount of boost the plugs do deteriorate a lot quicker than normal. The y have to work a fair bit harder to get the spark across the gap. Deffo worth having a spare set in your tool bag.

Can you go up a heat grade? They do look melted :astonished:

I put some of these in and its running nicely again.