Plugs and Leads?

Could someone tell me whether the HT leads are any different than the standard K series.Also what spark plug should I be running.My car is a 190 factory upgrade which I have only owned for a couple of days and this morning I drove off from cold and the engine went down on to 3, after I turned the motor off and left it for 5 mins. she fired back up on all 4.
I have a feeling one of the leads may be tracking on the cam cover so I think I will purchase a new set of plugs and leads. Anyone have any other ideas?
Thanks Steve.

Did you leave the car out?
If it rained, some water could have worked its way inside the sparkplugs cover (especially the leftmost one).
Take the sparkplug cables off and see if there is any water in there.
Dry accordingly.

Either use the S2 engine cover or (like I did), use the Exige alloy cover with some sponge sealer strip on the sides and gigger alooy bolts on the top, so that water can’t get in.

Leads are most likely OK, if you plan on replacing, go for the Magnecors, from Eliseparts.
Sparkplugs are Champion RC6 6YCC, gap=0.033" (if you want to change them)


Thanks Uldis,
I have only been using this website for a while but I have already noticed you seem to be one of the guys with lots of knowledge. The car was in a garage last night but I did clean under the engine bay last night and noticed the leads actualy lay against the cam cover at the end near the cap, they do look as if they are starting to “chaff” against the acm cover. Should there be a block or something that the leads push into to prevent them from touching the cam cover or do you recomend insulating tape or something like?

I belive Pesky has some as new Magnecours for sale, these will eliminate the old problem of the standard leads popping off the plug.

How do I contact Pesky?
does he use this forum often as I would be very interested in buying these leads.

Just read a couple of your posts…you’re getting as bad as I was! (I’m currently undergoing intense withdrawal symptoms)
… You didn’t tell me the car was going to be left out in the rain!!! - seriously, apart from the 5,500 misfire, the car NEVER missed a beat - must be early morning damp. The plugs were changed at the service earlier in the year. As for you cleaning the engine cover, I mentioned you could eat your dinner off it, didn’t know you were contemplating open heart surgery! (As if it wasn’t clean enough already!)

Like the bit ref throttle opening. This was my next job. But I assumed the airbox would have to be removed. Let me know how it goes with an additional 15 horses.

All the breast,

Phil GT

Erm… thanks (I guess)

Actually there is something, a couple of plastic blocks that hold the wires in place.
I have never seen them but AFAIK they’re a common Rover p/n.
Also Demon Tweeks has some aftermarket ones.

On the other hand, insulating tape will give you peace of mind.

In my case, I try to untangle the cables while installing them, leaving them in the most unstressed position. I would recommend taking them off, looking for water inside the plug hole (insisting, you never know) and fitting them again in a well laid-out, untangled way.
They shouldn’t really rub. They could touch barely.


Could you do me a favour and remove a plug to check the type and model that’s actually fitted please? then let me know… I might have a grievence wiv me dealer soon…

Also Phil GT - when you had the plugs replaced was it an official Lotus Dealer?


How do I contact Pesky?
does he use this forum often as I would be very interested in buying these leads.

The old geezer is always hangin round ere… you must have seen im …


Part of the running on Saga ??

The standard Elise plug is not the same …

I had a ‘time served’ performance garage with a mechanic (not a fitter) change the oil & plugs, he checked with a Lotus dealer which ones should be used with the VHPD engine, so hopefully they should have been the correct ones…but I’m a great believer that no-one’s infallable (sounds rude but isn’t) so I wouldn’t bet my bankers draft on it.

Best regards,

Phil GT

Hi Phil
Great to hear from you, the car was running on 3.5 cylinders on the way home from work if you know what I mean, at low revs she would bog right down with a bad misfire, anyway I have just removed the plugs and dound that no.2 and especially no.4 had very wet deposits of water all over the leads and both the plugs were a rust colour around the porcelain part, so I cleaned them all up and also put insulating tape around the leads where you could see they had been rubbing and also put tape on the underside of the alloy “Exige” cover as you could see where the paint had worn away due to the rubbing of the leads. I then fired the car up (leaving off the alloy cover) and took her out for a spin and the misfire had gone so I’m convinced it was either damp inside the plugleads/arcing of leads or maybe a plug breaking down, anyway its a good excuse to buy some nice coloured leads and a set of new plugs. By the way the plugs were CHAMPION RC6 6YCC.I did not leave the car out in the wet but did give it a wash on Saturday or maybe it is missing you Phil and got a bit upset!!. I will keep you posted on the throttle adjustment but want to sort the plugs and leads first.

Thanks Phil GT & SteveN

Hey Steve… they definately had RC6 6YCC printed on em ?? not simply RC6YCC ? sorry to bore you with this but I am trying to get to the bottom of a problem I currently have with plugs…

AndyD – yep comes from the running-on saga.

How do I contact Pesky?

He usually finds you!


To be honest, you’re best getting some new Magnecors from Eliseparts or Racespeed (about �65 I think), unless you are coming to Anglesey this Saturday, & we can save p&p.

Could someone confirm the plug No. again please as I am now at work and doubting what I wrote myself now as I have just been told that they do not list a RC6 6YCC, but they do list a RC6 YCC.

I got it from the book, but if in doubt (they could have changed it) call Geary, from Elise Parts. He should know…

Misprint in the Book … they added a 6 after the 6 so - only one 6 not 2 RC6 YCC

Resistor (R), 14mm thread (C), 6 heat range , standard projected nose(Y), double copper (CC) …

6 is a cold running plug lower numbers in champion are colder plugs so a 9 would quite possibly get too hot in the VHPD etc etc NGK numbers go the other way

NGK equivalent is BCP7ES

There you go …

NGK equivalent is BCP7ES


Closest NGK is BKR7E - I got that from CHAMPION

Also earlier I was wanting absolute confirmation from you all (well SteveN & Phil GT) of EXACTLY what was printed on your plugs in order to confirm that it said RC6YCC NOT rc6 6ycc, because I have got some from CHAMPION and they have assured me that RC6YCC is correct but steveN and Phil GT said that the ones in ‘their’ car were RC6 6YCC (which is what the book says but they gave me the impression that their plugs actually said that on them.

as you know I have had a recent problem with running-on and think it was due to incorrectly fitted plugs but I am in comm with my dealer at the moment…


Just took a plug out of mine - RC6 YCC printed on it for sure.

Take a look at its a mine of information …