Plug Wires

Well, in swapping motors, I took off my plug wires without noting which went where. I assumed that information would be in the Service notes or OM. I cannot find it…

Please let this idiot know which plug wire goes to which connection point on the coil pack…




Looking at the coil from the back of the car, left nearest front of car is No4, right nearest front is No1, left nearest back is No3 & right nearest back is No2.

The above are from the numbers labels on my Magnecor wires.

Hope this helps.

I can confirm that having just changed mine, so it goes in a circle from closest the front nearest the engine clockwise

Does anyone know the firing order? I was thinking a way of minimising any chance of arcing between the leads but lining them up out of the coil so that there’s always an “empty” lead between the one’s firing IYSWIM? Or am I just going mad


Have the Magnecors cured your misfire? Hope so


firing order is 1-3-4-2. The coils fire 1&4 together and 2&3 together.

I got it, thanks for everyones help.

Happy Holidays!