Plug leads

Hi Exige owners.I’m actually a 340R (skip) owner and we also have the plug lead probs. that you guys have. I have been speaking to Phil at Magnecor who has made up a set of leads for me that should arrive this week. Unfortunately, because my toy is at the dealer for numerous warranty fixes, it’ll be a couple of weeks before I can test them. However, in Phils ‘expert’ opinion, the connection at the coil pack end is an incorrect combination of coil tower/pin/rubber boot due to a lack of technical knowledge at Lotus! The boot at the spark plug end is also improved.These leads come to �60 or so thru’ Demon Tweeks but can be purchased direct. Obviously, I can’t comment on them yet, but if Phils technical knowledge and interest in solving this is anything to go by, the problem should be sorted. My gripe is that Lotus should really pay for these…If you wish to speak to Phil before I can report on the leads, his number is 01675 465166.BTW, if you go for the KV85’s (high performance leads) as I have, they come in a nice bright red which should look good under your engine covers!

Great information Glen, much appreciated.Do you 340R guys have a website like that we can hop over to ?Given that the Exige appears to be a 340R with heavier bodywork, there is probably lots we can share.PS. Don’t suppose they have the leads in blue (to match my hoses ?)[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 19 November 2000).]

Hi,You’ll have to prove your worthiness (spelling?).They accepted me, a humble Elise owner !!Try Cheers Mark.

Thats right Mark, theres a about 40 of us on there at the moment including European owners. I checked this site out to see if you guys were having as many problems as us… some owners are even looking at taking legal action due to the number of faults and Lotus’ inability to sort them out. Most are not mechanical, though we are having problems with the standard clutch coping with the 190 upgrade. The heavier duty motorsport clutch cover has been suggested …some time after we have had the upgrade carried out!!Regarding the large Titan resonator valve between the airbox & airbox hose, this is v easily removed and was suggested in a newletter by Lotus to 340 owners. The black & white small diameter pipe on top of the valve needs to be plugged (a bolt pushed in the end will do). The valve itself closes in second & third gear, restricts air flow and exhaust noise for EU regs, so it serves no real benefit except cutting power!!! Also, one of the conical air filters has been removed on my car for the 190 upgrade…some have had one removed, some the other.

Yeah, I tried to register for that site but the webby wanted to know all about my 340R before giving me access… (I don’t have a 340R)Although I feel I may have something to contribute to the egroups 340R area, I felt it too restrictive.

You should try again to register for the 340 newsgroup. One of the members is from Louts (Mark Critchley) who is very good at answering the techinical queries. Lotus have also asked recently if a member of their customer services dept can join the group.

Yeah, tell Andy (administrator) me & Jim sent you. In fact I thought I saw Hitch’s name on there a few days back…

Sure did. Must have convenced him that my Exige is close enough to a 340R to be allowed in.

Im in there too…its good for info and certainly very well supported

Did any of you guys fit a set of Magnecour leads ? If so, was it worth it ?

I’m still testing my set out. I specced them up with Phil from Magnecor to try to cure the problem we have on the 340 with the leads coming adrift from the coil pack and causing a misfire at 5500rpm. Lotus have no real fix for this problem. So far they have been fine… the silicone caps seem to seal themselves to the coil pack posts after a short while and the plug end of the lead is also far superior. Magnecor are well known with Elise owners. The leads themselves are the KV85 high performance type. Once this cr#p weather clears up, I hope to be able to give a more informative reply!

I complained to my dealer about this and first they just put a strap over the distributer cap when this didn’t work the pulled all the plugs out, cleaned them, and then I think put spacer or something in , I’ve doen about 2.5k miles since, problem has not re-ouccered…

I’ve now fitted my set of Magnecor KV85’s, ordered through Demon Tweaks. They certainly fit much better than the standard ones. Took it for a blast last night, out-accelerating a 993 in the process, so I can conclude that they work fine [image][/image]