Please release me!!!

How the bl**dy hell do you release the engine cover when the release cable has seized solid??? Is there another way? please tell me there is, its had oudles of WD but it wont budge!! Do i just have a paddy and rip it off and replace it with a motorsport cover (yeah right, where from?) or take it in my stride and persevere??

Remove drivers side rear wheel arch liner. Have good feel around for cable housing. Give it a pull!

Not actually checked it works on the Exige, but certainly works on Elises!

Good luck. Don’t break the engine cover - they’re damned pricey!

Cheers mate, looks like I will have a busy weekend then!!

You may just wanna check that the little handle hasn’t been hit by the door and bent the metal shaft that goes into the bodywork. That was the case with mine, and was more the reason fot it not wanting to shift than just rust. Bending mine straight solved the issue.


Right then, i’m in. I checked for a bent handle but it was fine. Definately a seized cable. Alex mate, it works on Exiges too but I didn’t have to remove the liner, it is quite flexible and I was able to bend it down, have a fumble around for the cable and open the cover that way. Cheers for your help

Bloody 'ell, that’s two people I’ve got in to either end of their Exige!
niceguy pops front bottom