Plans motorsports & Ohlins

Just wondering if anyone has had any dealings with Plans and secondly has anyone had the Ohlins fitted to their S2 if they have how are they?

Plans are good (but in the middle of no where!) - just had my car geo’ed and new tyres fitted there - friendly, helpful and know their stuff. Cant comment on the Ohlins though.

Plans are good, but sometimes a bit pricey - if the work is good, I generally don’t mind really !!

Don’t know about the Ohlins - sorry

Who else is good, anyone else further north worth considering in the West Midlands.

They get a thumbs up from me. Although becareful on estimates, Mike likes to say everything is 2 hours.


I have the 46mm Ohlins fitted to my S1 and the car was setup by Plans.

They are great people, Andy really knows his stuff in my opinion. The suspension is awesome and revolutionised my car. Although I can only compare it to the standard stuff as I haven’t ever used the Nitrons that seem to be so popular with everyone.


I think the Nitrons are popular as they are good value, have easy to use and understand settings and Guy spent a long time tweeking them specifically for the Elise variant market.


If you want Ohlins then go for the 46mm ones like Sean has. Otherwise stick with the Nitrons.