Plans Motorsport

I took the car along to Plans yesterday to give my new Nitron installation proper attention, plus a funky anti roll bar + rose jointed rear toe links fitting. They sorted the ride height, toe, camber, castor, front + rear bump steer and had corner weighting done. All in one day… Phew. They did offer me a hire car, but by the time I had fought my way back to home and back again that would be the day wasted, so I stayed and read their collection of Circuit Driver magazines.

Top lads.

NOTE: They gave me no discount – the swines But I thought credit where it’s due. Always good to deal with friendly, helpful people who know their stuff.

Not what I’d call majorly cheap mind…


can you give us a breakdown of what the costs were?

ARB : �244 (it’s a fancy one, can’t remember the details !)

Rear Toe Links : �234

Check all dampers/ball joints/toe links/track rod ends/ARB mounts, set ride height, alignment, camber �119.00

All of the above and optimise castor �179.00
All of the above and optimise corner weight �239.00
All of the above and optimise bump steer �349.00

All + VAT

As followup recommendation to some people considering going to Plans, you may want to check what you’re having done and whether you’re paying per job or per hour.

yep, the prices above for the ARB (the full kit including bushes and fixings) and the Toe-Link Kit are plus VAT… the geo and set up prices are fixed price INCLUDING VAT.