Plans Motorsport

Anyone used Plans Motorsport???

Would appreciate hearing about anyones experiances with these guys.



Heard nothing, except glowing reports

Graham & his team certainly know their stuff, & have unrivalled facilities to test their work

PS I have no connection, nor have I personally utilised their services, but have seen them in action in the Mid Engined Sportscar Race Series - very impressed

Cheers matey!!!

A friend and I have just returned from having C services, suspension set ups, MOT and some other associated jobs and all I can say is that they were very professional people to deal with, the work was superb with good communication during the service, I would not hesitate in recommending them.

I haven’t used them yet but have had discussions and met them. They get my thumbs up.

They also know how to make an S2 look how Lotus should have made it!


Thanks guys. They certainly seem to know what they are talking about on the suspension front. Am seriously considering some Ohlins and there LSD.


Just to throw my 2p’s worth in,

I decided to take my car to Plans last week based on the good reports I had seen about them on the web. I had an MOT, a new thermostat fitted and a few other odds and sods done and I must say that I was very happy with the quality of their work and it was reasonable priced to boot.

With Graham, John and the crew I felt that I was dealing with a team of enthusiasts who understood the need to do a quality job and I received a level of service far beyond anything I have previously experienced within the official Lotus dealer network.

So that�s a thumb�s up from me then.



Am seriously considering some Ohlins and there LSD.

Sean - money burning a hole in your pocket .

Seriously, have you discounted the Nitrons?

Plans did my oil cooler pipes in record time…

You may have read the other thread, but sufficient to say that they had them out and in just about in a flash, and had obviously done that job many times…

What this means in practice is that you are not paying for hours of exploratory learning whilst someone trains themself for their own job at your expense !!

Am booked in on Monday and Tuesday to have my Ohlins fitted. I have gone for the bigger pistons (46mm I think, can’t remember) That should see the car sorted then.

I had the Plans diff I bought fitted to my sequential box when Quaife built it and I can report a definite increase in traction out of slow wet greasy corners. That is all I can report at the momeht though as I haven’t really done much else with it yet.

Yes I discounted the Nitrons as I have experiance with Ohlins stuff and am a great fan. Nothing against the Nitrons, I just decided to go the Ohlins route