Plans Motorsport - 5th March

Plans Motorsport are having a one on one driver instruction day at the Top Gear circuit at Dunsfold Surrey.

We are inviting a small number of S2 and S1 Exige owners down, with Vauxhall VX’s… we will be “pairing up” one Exige and one VX for each session.

The day is really about having fun along with some serious instruction. Plans have already done this with Noble and are now running the day again for Lotuses and Vauxhall VXs.

The date is Saturday 5th March at Plans base at Dunsfold Park in Surrey.

The small print…

Firstly, I need to say that “Top Gear” and “The Stig” are the property of the BBC and we are nothing to do with the programme.

Secondly, this is NOT a track day. So please don’t compare it with other track days. Access to the track is very limited. Unless you are a “star in a reasonably priced car”; a McLaren SLR customer; or a Plans driver training pupil, access to the track is virtually impossible. This is why Plans Motorsport is unique.

Thirdly, the Stig configuration is a fugure of 8. We feel that most people want to use this configuration. We have done other Experience days here, and we have two cars out on the track at any one time, with an instructor. The figure of 8 is not an issue as the cars will allways have an insructor in ensuring that the cars are a safe distance apart. We will have equal numbers of VX and Lotuses, with one of each out at any one time.

Fourthy, there is nothing on our website about the day; just e-mail [email protected] for more details.