Pipercross Induction

My S2 has the Pipercross induction kit… makes the car sound ‘a little’ like my old Sunbeam with twin Webbers…especially on full throttle. When the cam changes, its like someone pressed the loudness button… would recommend it… is quiet enough below 6250 to pass the noise tests at some circuits, but is just orgasmic once the second cam comes alive…

I have the ITG on mine which also sounds fantastic. I have the Stage 2 exhaust as well which makes it even louder

Daves car sounds out of this world, a great combination. Dave wasn’t that a piper cross on the demostrater green Exige from Stratestone, that joined us on the run on Thursday?

It was mate but it still has the standard exhaust. Apparently they have had a few people really interested in the 111R only to be taken out in the demonstrator and get frightened by its Stage 2 exhaust and have second thoughts about that Z4

I give them a call yesterday. �299 incl Vat and delivery. Sounds reasonable as most seem to think it’s worth the money. I’ve got the stage 1 on currently the wife’s not keen on stage 2 as we can hear my mate coming from at least 1/2 a mile away. I figured the stage 1 and piperx may be a good comprimise.

what is the stage one like? loud or just nice?

not quite loud enough but much improvrd on the standard (can’t believe they want to fit the standard exhaust on an Exige). I’m hoping with the addition of the pipercross it will just add that bit more on 2nd cam but not intrude too much on the motorway or spoil track days.

Has any one got any pics of stage 1 and stage 2 on the car???

go to the on-line catalogue, genuine lotus parts on bell and colvill, they have some good pics
b + c

havn’t hered them but stage 1 looks nice, stage 2 looks rubbish and all most no existant just my opinion tho

A lot of people including myself love the look of the stage 2 none of the peashooter looks of the standard and stage 1 zausts.
I have had the stage 2 since I got the car and can handle long journeys and the commute to work.

I am in the process of getting an extra baffle made which will cut the db levels for track days and long journeys. Should be able to pop in and out as you wish. Job done

havn’t hered them but stage 1 looks nice, stage 2 looks rubbish and all most no existant just my opinion tho

Stage 2 doesn’t look rubbish IMhO - looks subtle and sounds fantastic, in direct contrast to the usual dustbin sized back boxes stuck on Nova 1.2’s and Scoobies

I guess what I meant was that You can barely see it at all. I just like to be able to see that there is somthing there

You do have to have just been run over to see it

Stage 2 looks much better. True you cant see the pipes as much as on the standard or Stage 1 but you can just see the tips pointing out of the diffuser.

The pipes are much bigger than on the Stage 1 and are more subtle but I also think they look more manacing.

Plus why do you want really noticeable pipes? Its not a Max Power Nova. The car says enough about its intentions without having a really prominent exhaust.

I have Stage 1 and the Reverie induction kit. The sound below 6000k is pleasant, but not too loud. Once you hit the changeover the sound goes ballistic. It is an amazing feeling, between the additional acceleration, and the sound. (Especially with the roof off…) The only drawback is that I’m pretty sure the induction kit is causing the car to idle erratically, and occasionally stall when cold. The dealer has confirmed that the firmware has been upgraded, so now I need to see if someone can sort out the cold running issue.


robert, mine was a bit erratic and had the newer software, they did play with the throttle body and it made it a lot better.

just fitted the pipercross. It is F’N AWESOME!!!

just fitted the pipercross. It is F’N AWESOME!!!

Agreed, fitted it last night in about an hour but had to wait until today for a test run. Normal tootling around it’s not much different, but above 6000 all I can hear is induction roar and swearing. Feels a lot more responsive as well, have to get out on a track soon.

I fitted mine after running in. It does sound fantastic when the sencond cam kicks in. I also thought it gives more torque / response at lower revs. I got stage 1 exhaust done at the same time so noise is great.