Piper cams

Are Piper 285 better than the standard VHPD ones?

Hydraulic or mechanical?

It for a VHPD engine, so mechanical

From what I have heard the 285’s give better bottom end/mid range power over the VHPD grind, but you lose a bit at the top end.
So for a street car the 285’s might be a better grind.

Thanks for the info.
Simon, may I ask why you mention the �wet sump� detail? Does it make lots of difference the dry sump?

Ya, lots O’ money difference

I’ve been using 740s and BP285Hs since 1998 and a more realistic figure for an 1800 is between 205 and 215BHP, higher powered engines on these cams have a distinct lack of torque.


Mmm… well I dont suppose we will ever see any curves from those and the ones I have seen which have come directly from a close source show very poor torque below 6000.

In my experience and opinion a dry sump will not give anywhere near a 10-12BHP gain, 4-6BHP is more like it.


The graph didn’t come from Dave Walker it came from source closer than that.


Steve Butts didn’t give me a graph… like I said it came from a source closer to the engine than that.

I didn’t have to grub for anything it was volunteered and some time ago. Anyway that is rich considering your grubbing antics… I have a stack of U2U and emails from you to various people trying to dig up dirt and your unseemly actions with harassing Simon Thornley’s wife for information when you knew he was out. What hypocrisy.

3 rolling road sessions, various airboxes(some self detaching), a plethora of exhausts, looking at the costs it would have been simpler, cheaper and a lot more effective to use some warmer cams to start with.

Anywat it looks as if this thread is degenerating as usual, all useful info. about the cams in question has been disseminated, so this will be my last post here.


Mark I know has not given ANY graps to anyone except myself.


here we go again

Muppetry. IMHO.


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