Pink Antifreeze

Is anyone running pink antifreeze in there engines? If so did you have any leaks after you changed from green/blue to the pink?


I curenntley have green in, but was want to do a change ans will be putting in Pink! Did you do the change your self? any problems


Running pink in the Elise. Took the specialist a couple of goes to flush all the green out (and the air… sigh).

The two types, Organic Acid (Pink) and Glycol (Green) should not be mixed as they emulsify and block the waterways.

No additional leaks. Weeps slightly from that stopper nearest the expansion tank, but always did.

No, havn’t changed it yet. Just changed from green to pink in my 68bhp (ish) Combo van and it caused the water pump to leak and it now uses a little water. Can’t get blue anymore so looks like the Exige will have to go to pink. I’ll order a head gasket now shall I. What really pi**es me off is pink doesn’t go with Spice Yellow

true red sticks out like a sore thumb!