Picture help

Does anyone one have any on track pictures of my car? Maybe from Croft last year.

Other than the MES I have also been asked to enter a series similiar to the Tuner Grand Prix, called Time Attack. It is being run over six rounds at Rockingham and Silverstone. If anyone is interested the website is www.timeattack.co.uk

If you look under competitors, you will see my car there, but the picture they have is really naff and I would like to send them a cooler one.




300 BHP!

whats a few hundred horsepower between friends

whats a few hundred horsepower between friends

A rapidly disappearing orange dot it would seem.

LOL I know, I never told em that. I put 200BHP on the form.

Have you actually got a number for the new engine yet?

I may have something from Croft, will have a look.


I will have a look also…now where did I put those Croft shots? I guarantee that you will have lots of photos from Donny at the end of the month. Both Tap and I will be there shooting (my car won’t be ready so I will occupying myself blagging pax laps and taking photos).

I took a few but they were all a bit trousers to be honest

chop mine of this and blur some speed trails on it with photoshop

I’ll have a look [image]http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b4/captaincunto/DSCF0002smaller.jpg[/image]

this was the best one as the others were all blurred/too far away





Is this you? Link to large version THIS. From my Croft set.

Yep thats me, cheers!!!

Cheers Simon, I love that pic of both our cars together!!!

No Ian I don’t have any figures for the new engine yet, as it isn’t built. Simon has all of the parts now I believe and it should be assembled and on the dyno by the end of this month.

I am not to woried to be honest, I have my standard VHPD and that will do for Brands and most probably Snetterton. Simon reckons I should have it for Snetterton, but he also invisages a lot of on dyno develoment for the induction, exhaust and cams etc. So I would rather wait until it is 100% ready before I put it in the car. I know there will be a few sceptics watching, so I want it to be right.


Cheers for the update Sean.

Here’s a couple of pics from Croft (sorry, nothing too exciting):