pics - wash and out

snapped some quick pics of my baby yesterday afternoon on the spur of the moment as she looked so good after a wash and leather.

as a brilliant drummer once said. i’m in love with my car!



very atmospheric photos - do you get an insurance discount for the barbed wire on your wall

Very nice shots, the location and colours are great

Very nice

Stunning Pics. Is that the gas works nr. the City of M/cr stadium?

no, bw, it’s in rochdale near asda.

cheers for the encouragement fellas.

Yeah, cool pics man!!!

very nice pics … and very nice car !
what color is it ? storm titanium ?

very nice pics … and very nice car !
what color is it ? storm titanium ?


Nice pics & nice car! I wish I could take photos like that!

Great pics - saturation looks like chrome.
EOS 1DS, huh?

she’s a very tired 1Ds now she passed 100,000 frames last week.


Skiddo, have you taken the Lotus lettering of the back…I did as well. Think it looks much better. I always thought the letter looked cheap and nasty.
Mines titanium and I’ve added a black and silver bonnet badge and wheel badges. Must say it looks much better than the yellow on this colour.

i haven’t as yet, i took it out in photoshop. it does look really cheap and nasty. not only that, who ever thought it was a good idea to do it on a curved surface didn’t think it through as it never quite reflects the light properly.

i was thinking of removing it and adding the yellow badge as this…


dunno if i wanna shell out �100 for two new badges!

They gave me a rear badge when i had the car…I put it on and didn’t like it. It just didn’t go with the colour of the car. I had a green Elise and it look good.
The back badge is about �25 and the front one is too. If you go for the black badge it’s metal and �48 and it’s made for the s1 so you have to pack the back as it’s slightly arched. I don’t think you can get a back badge in black.

As discussed on NYLOC not long back didnt they change the Lotus lettering to the badge for a short time then changed back due to the number of complaints.

FWIW i prefer the Lotus lettering on the back not the badge

each to his own

Two reasons I believe…1: too many badges were being pulled off and stolen 2: as you say some customers didn’t like the badge.

ressurexige for easter weekend…


great pics mate…really want one!!

There are those who claim that the badge should only be on the front and that letters are correct for the rear.

Must admit that I could live with either!

Edit to add that it goes without saying really that skiddo’s pics are the business!