Pics of my orange bomb!



V nice !!

P.S. Orange is faster…

You could have washed it for the photo

Pics of my Orange one here

Orange will be faster once i have the running - in oil changed on monday

Aha Beefcake! About time you appeared on here! I have visited your site many a time. Some fantastic photography skills Believe it or not, the car was actually pretty dirty that night!! Think it was the lighting that helped

koopa, liking the smoked headlamp covers…where’d ya get?

arent they just…


lol, they are damn near impossible to find these days but i got em off a guy on ebay. I was outbid on them and the guy emailed me a week later saying he couldnt see much at night with them. i think they look brill



Come on you guys… aren’t you tired of driving those nasty, unreliable orange exiges??

Buy a bimmer M3 and sell (me) your Exige. I’ll carry out the burden for you.


I would rather be seen getting out of the back of a sheep/ G Norton than a BMW

It’ll have to be a better incentive than that

PS If you know Kylie personally and could drop in a good word…

Don’t knwo Kylie personally.

Only Angelina… Will her do?


oooh! isnt that a bit boo hoo!!
whats chavtastic bout my exige then

ohhhh yes forgot about her and Kelly Brook

Do you best

ohhhh yes forgot about her and Kelly Brook

Do you best

I’ll p/x a date with Angelina Jolie for a Chrome Exige S1 + 10k

angelina jolie is a munter. She s seen more sausage than a butcher and i wouldnt touch her bucket with joses knob

Well if you meet her mate, give her my number as I wouldn’t give a monkeys about who’s been there before, in my opinion she’s MINT!!!

I would like to see some pictures of a CO S2 Exige.