pics and info on my car

how do i get my Pics and info on my Exige on the the Register??? or am i just stupid. pls dont answer that!!

You ask Dave Brown - Mr Admin to most - if he will put them there for you - last time I looked he was charging �50 a word and �200 per photo
A bargain by any Lotus standard!!!

I thought Essex was near London???

Southampton nr France

I hope it’s not that near, or I’m going back Oop North!!

I hope it’s not that near, or I’m going back Oop North!!

No chance of that, mate

I will have you know Mr Pesky me Mam comes from Longsight which I understand is a very posh part of Manchester!

What about Fred Dibnah getting an MBE - NOW THAT WAS GREAT!!
Esp when Tim Henman got an OBE.

who was there who spotted me?? i guess some friends of yours. and yes the cabin was hot , hahaha how are you. have you sold your engine yet. i got mine fixed at Lotus still got some running problems with it. but there you go. i guess the number plate was a give away. how did you know it was me then in Ibiza?

Hi Damon

I personally don’t anyone who saw your car in Ibiza - someone on the Elise BBS mentioned it, so I put 2 & 2 together

ah ha…good detective work holmes…

i saw a S" Elise over there with German plates on i think in yellow