Pick her up...

…in 10 days time.

Well I’ve turned to the dark side, binned the M3 and all going well take delivery of my Black Exige S2 a week on Saturday.

After weeks of playing fantasy garage the Lotus finally got the vote from a short list including 964 RS (left hooker), Noble M12 & Caterham R3/400.

A big thankyou to Ben at Wilsons for his excellent, friendly service, top man.

Now just need to get some track time booked. Woohoo.

PS. looking forward to contributing to the forum and hopefully meeting some of you in the near future.



Donnington, 29th April, get booked up (see Trackday section), you’ll meet lots of us and have a great time. Exige ownership is more than just the car.


Cheers Ian,

Donny looks perfect. Hope to see you there. Whats the noise limit by the way?

Not sure, I think it’s on that thread somewhere.



Usual 98db driveby.

thx Pesky,

Ok, so as I understand the stage 2 on my car is 104db, not good. Anyone know which tracks are “loud” friendly? Otherwise it’ll be a quieter box purchase as I don’t fancy being kicked off every circuit I visit.

Thanks for all replies thus far.

You’ve got to aim for well under a 100 these days if you want decent track time.

Welcome, you must post some picks when you get the car…I notice that alot of people are selling their M3 for an Exige. Are you one of the guys from BM3W that has just changed?

Hi Andy,

Yep, we spoke last week. SDGM3 on BM3W.

Hello again

ey, ey mate.

Cannot deny that the M3 had one mother of an engine. That sound!

welcome to exige ownership… … see you at donington

Interestingly, I also moved from M3 to exige… but that was nearly 5 years ago