Pic of Ice White Exige

Hi all
As above i suppose
Any body got a good picture of an Exige in Ice White

Thinking of changing mine

If only knew earlier as HHc in hexham have one i could have taken pic of for u when there today.

Just type white Exige in google images

There was one on the Lipscomb Lotus website earlier in the week not sure if it is still there.

Tried google loads of Aspen white but no ice White

Still there:


Still there:

http://www.lipscomb.co.uk/lotus/stock/stock.php?car_id=1210 >

Not bad pics, but it really needs to be seen in the flesh to appreciate it, a stunning colour for the exige

that car is well and truly sold, the fuxker should have been hear today if the stealer wasn’t I’ll! U am so anoyed,Tuesday is the day now.

That is some car!!!

I want to replace my Aspen White for that now

go to www.globalautosports.com

Follow links for lotus and the fort car is a ice White Exige, it is America so has the shitty indicators!

But some good examples of the colour.

Would send u the link by on my iPhone and at wanky work!


If thats the car you ordered WTF is it being advertised for

Tell them to FRO & get yourself to HHC

My god that is the nicest colour I have seen! So is the only difference is that it’s pearlescent?

handy photo of the new Cup 260