Photos of Exige from Motorshow Live


I took some photos of the new Lotus Exige on the preview day at Motorshow live and thought they might be of interest.






The 4th photo shows a close up of the wheels fitted to the track spec Exige. The salesman said the final wheels for the track pack may not be the same design and would be silver. A black colour option may be available but not confirmed.

The final photo shows the contents of the Lotus goodie bag that was handed out if you had registered in response to the e-mail sent out the week before the Motorshow.


Cheers James

Nice pics & a very professional website too

Was the ‘grey’ car also in one of the extreme colours or just a regular metallic?

Oh, & erm, any more photo’s of the other interesting models displayed on the stand?

Yellow and white stripe… hmm… an “acquired taste”.

Yellow and white stripe… hmm… an “acquired taste”.

I must admit I took a liking to the stripes immediately.
A guy on the stand said they were looking into the possibility of making them a factory option

possibility of making them a factory option

And I wonder how much they would cost - my guess is �750

still think the car is fantastic in krypton green

And I wonder how much they would cost - my guess is �750

Do you really think Lotus would think they can get away with charging that much for a bit of vinyl? Actually, I wouldn’t put it past them

That’s silly money, but better than �7000 for stripes on a Ferrari 360. Possibly better value than �1010 for extreme paint!

Trudy, have you actually seen one in Krypton? I’ve only seen pictures, and I think the nicest thing I can say about it is 'It’s interesting"


My guess is from what I recall they charged for the stripes on the Elise “Heritage” (or whatever!) & they were painted, not vinyl.

In any event, they charge �60 (correct?) for the “sunstrip”, which is vinyl - & you have to fit that yourself. So if they factory fit the stripes in vinyl, I still bet I’m not far off with �750

no not in the flesh so to speak, but have seen lots of pics ,and it is very like the old scandel green…hmmm intresting as you say …I LIKED IT SO MUCH I HAVE BOUGHT ONE IN KRYPTON GREEN lol…each to his/her own…

Nice one, Trudy. A brave move IMO, but it’s definately more interesting than the usual boring grey

Pesky, I hope you’re wrong because I’ve been trying to imagine what it might look like if you swap the colours over: Saffron with white and orange stripes. Same effect as the show car for a grand less

Trudy,IMO you’ve chosen THE best colour

My 1st post on this forum, going to order an s2 exige at weekend still can not decide on colour, narrowed it down to saffron yellow, black or titanium(grey) same colour as one at the motorshow.
Mrs not to keen on yellow but after seeing B&C demonstrator im quite taken by it, any help appreciated.


Best colour!
If I was buying one, it would be Krypton Green (basically because I’m also Superman, just for memories sake )

S2 in black is not impressive (whereas the S1 is!). Walked straight past the front of one at the Donington show in March, without realising it was an Exige!

However, just go for the colour which YOU like best - one man’s meat and all that…

S2 in black is not impressive (whereas the S1 is!).

I like the colour [or add female body part here] in the first two pics. Most tasteful.

Not at all sure about those ‘track’ wheels though.


They’re not the track wheels. They’re actually US market Elise wheels. The track wheels were not available for the show for some reason.

Krypton Green vs Chrome Orange… decisions, decisions…

Nice photos James

The rear shot of the black one in photo 2 is quite stunning