Photo of S2 Exige

Found this which purports to be the MkII Exige. Don’t know if somebody else has already posted this link.

Ken,That was created using a “photo” editor package, its not real! [image][/image]

Did anyone see the pictures of a Lotus that had “covers” over it, looking very much like an S2 Exige, and in one of the pics the front corner was pulled back showing an S2 front light cluster on a wide-arched, very low front end?I’ll see if I can dig them up…

Found it…

Matt,That was a special bodywork job for a German customer. Lotus really got pi**ed when the photos leaked out as they were taken during a track & factory open day. After that, those events stopped [image][/image]

I saw this car on a visit to Lotus!!! It was sitting in the motorsport garage and I was told that it was the new motorsport car, however there was a lot that didnt seem to match up!! It had a prototype roll bar which went above the roof line so a roof wouldnt be usable, also there were other bits that seemed strange, however it did look the nuts!