Phil @ Emerald

Just got back from visiting Dave and Karl at Emerald the car has been mappped now by Dave and unfortunately it only made 202 BHP and 141/2 ftlbs of torque, so a bit dissapointed [image][/image]However, the first power run only produced 180bhp [image][/image] was i worried or what !!Anyway Dave tweeked the cam timing a few thou and up it jumped to 202 and thats with the cat on, a dirty air filter and 95RON fuel and a problem with the throttle bodies not being quite right [image][/image]Still some way to go for my target but for now i’m very happy, car drives great [image][/image]

PhillipoGood result [image][/image] After all your own tweeking, how come the timing STILL needed adjustment??? Only kidding [image][/image]CU at Anglesey in Sept [image][/image]

Yep, its not bad, at least now as i do bits it only needs a power run rather than full mapping, throttle bodies off this weekend and get those fixed. the power run curves were almost identical to Bruno’s and still climbing.The head is not as heavily ported as Russ’s or Bruno’s, so the results with a lightly ported head are good, next time i will do everything myself and get a set of digital “dial” guages to set the cam timing [image][/image]

oi Phil, well done. at least, you have more than 200 bhp which is quite hard to achieve in the first place acc. to the man like Dave Walker…and the car runs much better with the Emerald properly mapped, innit? [image][/image] [image][/image]cheers,Bruno

Sure does Bruno [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]Just got to make it breath a bit better now, never ending innit ! [image][/image]

yep…fitted the oval one last night…the gurgle sound has gone as you said… [image][/image]the diam. of this thingy is huge…innit? [image][/image] [image][/image] I hope that no pussy will use it as a resting place [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]cheers,Bruno

Mmmmmh, this Emerald keeps on getting more interesting by the minute.Question: if you fit the Emerald ECU, do you still have the alarm/immobilizer function? Somebody told me that it wouldn’t work, since it was wired to the Lotus ECU.Anything that won’t work? any ways around it?Uldis

Hi Uldis,Yes the Exige meta alarm system continues to work and no, it is not connected to the ECU.You can find the wiring diagram for the Lotus ECU to Emerald on my web pages at its in the upgrade section.The main thing that doesn’t work is the heat soak pump, the Emerald is only switched on when the ignition is live, therefore it cant monitor the water temp and switch on the heat soak pump and fans if the temp gets high after you have shut the engine off.i might make a seperate “black box” to do this, after all it’s only looking at a voltage and needs to trigger when its reached, should be simply enough !!

quote:Originally posted by Bruno: I hope that no pussy will use it as a resting place [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]Mate, i aint saying a thing [image][/image] [image][/image] [image][/image]

PhilCool site!How did you crash the caR?

Good news.Checked your website and I have a few questions: -when you mention you’re not using the IACV, what is that? the heat soak pump?-both cooling fans?, mine is an Exige without AC, and I thought it had only one!-the fuel pump relay needs to be added? I would have thought the Lotus unit also needed one.Then the page reads: the first column is the wire number on the Lotus ECU, column “Connects to ->” means the actual sensor it was connected to, and column M3D is the Emerald pin now connected.Example, a brown/orange wire was connected to pin 1 of the Lotus ECU and now is connected to pin 24 in the M3D (which incidentallty gets also a brown/red wire as well)?On the other hand, I was looking at the pictures during the rebuild and I have to say that the exhaust you’re using looks really nice (not a Janspeed, I suppose).I suppose EBD only made the manifold, right? (and BTW, there should have been a way to avoid the fitting problems you experienced, did they measure something wrong?)Great pages you have there !Cheers,Uldis

thanks guys,Mike, A bloody huge Range Rover hit me up the backside whilst i stationery on the M40 at High Wycombe, it was a low speed impact !Uldis,I will answer in order, the IACV valve is used as a secondary method for altering the amount of air sucked in, its most noticable during startup and at idle, ours always used to climb to 2-2.5K whilst warming up and the valve closes when the engine starts to warm, its one of the primary causes for high idle speeds as it gets gummed up and sticks. Its needed to meet emissions.The heat soak pump may only be on air-con cars, the ecu monitors the water temp when the engine is switched off, if it rises a small electric pump starts to push the water around to stop localised heating around the engine.Again the air-con cars have 2 radiator cooling fans, one runs when the AC is on, both run if the temp gets high, both of mine run together now and it really cools it down quickly in traffic !!The fuel pump, well the Lotus ECU uses a +12V output to switch on the fuel pump and injectors, the Emerald outputs are all negative earth, so we have to add an additional relay to switch +12V to the fuel pump etc by using the Emerald to ground the relay coil.Yes, the wiring has to be cut from the Lotus ECU and transfered over to the MEMS plug, i beleive the early Exige’s already had a MEMS plug which could plug straight into the Emerald…anyone ?The reason for the injection wires being paired up is that the Lotus ECU has sequential injection which is not implemented on the M3D. It has to be run in “grouped” format, that is, injectors 1&4 and 2&3 are fired together, same as the Elise.The exhaust is from Eliseparts (also made by EBD) and it’s bloody loud !! I have had an extension pipe and a bit of perforated grill welded into the bell to make it quieter, it works too !!Dunno what happened to the EBD manifold, maybe it was a jigging problem when they made it, and yes it should have fitted through the subframe, you still have to cut out the undertray to get that on.I think thats about it, let me know if i missed anything [image][/image]Phil

thanks for the extensive answer. Pretty good details, now I understan many things.So many of the differences go down to the car being AC version or not.But I’l have to investigate a little bit further on this sequential injection. I would have thought that the injection needs to happen at a precise time in relation with the crankshaft rotation. Then sequentially would happen at a different time than paired.Even a few micro seconds would make a difference. But it works. Maybe I don’t get the sequential concept well.Cheers,Uldis