PGR2 xbox Exige nurburgring.

Hello peeps.

I play Project Gotham Racing 2 on xbox live quite a bit, does anyone else? My tag is “Soggster” if anyone is up for a game anytime feel free to add me to your list. I tried to add my tag on SELOC but it seems to be a locked thread.

I thought I’d throw down the gauntlet and after 3 laps I did a 8min 45sec lap in a yellow (makes all the diffference) Exige.

Who can beat that then?

Go on, waste somet time

I’m on it sometimes… “RemarkLima”

But just waiting for Forza now… PGR2 tends to turn into Last Man Standing or Cat & Mouse or other silly stuff

Will have to look for a copy of PGR2 for the online gaming experience. Currently hitting the Ring in an unmodified 111R in GT4 on the PS2 with a lap time of 8’01.615…haven’t earned enough credits to get an Exige yet

I’m spending all my gaming time with GT4 at the moment. The force feedback steering wheel is awesome! Can’t be bothered with PGR2 any more. (I don’t have broadband at home, so I can’t play it online).

RichE, If you want to make some cash fast in GT4, go to the special condition hall, and do the second event. This is two short races round the island of Capri. It’ll take to about ten minutes, you should win easily with your standard Elise. You’ll win a Toyota rally raid car worth about 265,000 credits
That should buy you a motorsport Elise easily!
You can repeat this event again and again to make loads of cash quickly.

You can transfer 100,000 (enough for an Exige/Motorsport Elise) from a GT3 account.

Brendan, where did you get your wheel? I’m assuming it’s the new Logitech 900o jobbie.


Ian, yes it’s the official GT4 wheel. I got it from It cost me 85 quid. It seemed a lot of money, and I procrastinated for a couple of weeks before buying it. I can honestly say I haven’t looked back; it’s actually a bargain.
The feel is amazing, really quite realistic. Ok, so it kind of feels like a real car with a knackered steering rack because there’s a bit of play in it, but it’s so much more satisfying than using a normal controller.
The kick back over the kerbs is strong enough to make your wrists ache after a couple of hours, though

Too right that’s a bargain, I’m off to look now! You should see how much they were changing hands for on eBay.

For the give, you can just pretend it’s a worn remove steering wheel hub!


ps. Not going to comment on the wrist ache.

No limp wrist references please

Waiting for Forza on Sexbox. I do hope its not shite.

I’m afraid I’m an online gaming whore now, so GT4 was a big dissapointment in that regard.

Apparently you can link GT4 though the LAN on a PC and over broadband.


Ooooh I might give that a go. IP tunneling and all that nonesense.