Petrol Smell

I maybe paronoid - but I keep getting a strong smell of petrol in the cabin - can’t smell it in the engine compartment nor outside … seems worse when the drivers window is open.Also seems to worse when the engine has been at revs and then idles …Maybe its a vent from the tank, but I thought that went into the “charcoal canister”, or it could be fuel filler venting ?Any ideas ?

I suffered the same problem with a S1 Sport 160 and it became the subject of a recall as they had a batch of dodgy fuel tank vent pipes which split.Might be worth taking a look.David

IIRC, was there a recall for the breather or overflow pipe to the filler neck?

David / RussCheers, exact what the problem was - a split vent hose just at the connection to the filler neck.Bit of a pain to get to but now fixed !Also found a stud with a nut rolling around the undertray that had decided to fall off the alternator bracket … every cloud… [image][/image]