Pesky - HELP!

Peskoid!I’ve just ordered the quick shift gearbox conversion, but I’ve been asked which one I want. Apparently, there is a Lotus Motorsport one and there is the gearstick conversion.Any idea which one yours is??I’ve got it booked in tomorrow along with a new alternator!!Cheers Mate

Like me he has the B&M manufactured short shift stick.Out of the two, it sounds like the “gear stick conversion”.

thank you, sir!

The B&M is a Lotus badged part, that should have a 23% & 33% reduction setting. I understand Lotus recommend the 23% (which I have). I seem to remember a few issues over selecting 5th with the 33% reduction.The changer does not make a massive difference but it certainly gives a much more engineered feel, which I like.Ian [image][/image]

MikeAs Mr Admin says, it’s the B&M jobbie. Mine is set at 33%, & I think it makes a big difference - particularly when on track. 5th gear selection does have to be more precise, but on track this is not a problem (well not for me on Oulton, Donington, Cadwell or Anglesey!, as I don’t need 5th!

Anybody know how hard is it to change between 23% & 33%?Cheers, Ian [image][/image]

IanI’ve lent my B&M fitting instructions to someone else - so can’t send them to you right now. If you’ve not had any luck in the next couple of weeks, let me know (I’m in Le Mans between 12th & 18th June).

quote:Originally posted by Pesky:If you’ve not had any luck in the next couple of weeks, let me know (I’m in Le Mans between 12th & 18th June).Cheers, will do. Have a great time! BTW, what class are you entering?Ian [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by IDG: BTW, what class are you entering?Old Farts (along with 83man) [image][/image]

MikeTurnAlternator fixed now? Shortshift ok?Hope that’s not too many questions all at once [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by Pesky: Old Farts (along with 83man) [image][/image]As I’ve said before, I’m only 25!. I happen to have an older body! Actually Rob, I’m sure we can outlast some of the “youngsters” in the Le Mans marathon drinking and staying awake competition!Oh God, now what have I said. No drinking and driving of course!Mike

Peskasaurus!! Dude!Car is still with Lakeside Engineering - hopefully get it back before Le Mans!Will let you know as soon I get it back!83ManHey Hey!You wanna drink?Well - do ya?I feel a little competition coming on!

quote:Originally posted by miketurn:Peskasaurus!!That reminds me, must take my haemorrhoid cream to Le Mans [image][/image]PS I had to check the spelling on the packet, before posting this [image][/image]

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quote:Originally posted by miketurn: You can be Peskasaurus or Peskadactyl or a Peskadon or a Velosus Peskadonajib or, well, hopefully you now understand!!??Afraid not, my friend. It all sounds very “David Attenborough” to me, & as you know, I’m more of a “Bill Oddie” man myself [image][/image]

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