Perspex cover

Hi allSome tw*t reversed into my car last night, scuffing the clam and breaking the drivers side perspex cover. As I am at Anglesey on Saturday, anyone know where I can pick one up asap ?CheersRT :frowning:

Oh FFS… I can’t believe how stoopid some people are (the other guy, not you Russ)With the car being so low, many times I’ve had 4-wheel-drives backing towards me, causing me to beep my horn or just plain get out of the way FAST !No ideas on the rear lid front though [image][/image]

Russ,I’m assuming your getting it repaired on the other t*ats insurance, so wouldn’t waste any money on a quick fix. Are you talking about the front lamp perspex cover? If so, you should be ok at Anglesey without it, or by taping it up. The circuit’s not that fast to cause a problem with such a slight alteration in aerodynamics.Many times passengers comment about the amount of attention the car gets. I always say I’m too busy watching out for idiot road users to notice. Shame but true [image][/image]

Cheers for replies guys,New headlamp cover in place, courtesy of our friends at LRV, who had one in stock. Paul at Chris Neils, who is also a star, could have got me one sharpish also. I had to get it done today, as the damage to the car was getting me down !The bad news is that the aforementioned git drove off, so I have no idea who it was - ah well, he/she will get their just deserts, I am sure. The other bad news is a small matter of a paint job (after Anglesy, of course), costing around �200.CheersRuss