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Dear Test-Pilots…I would be grateful for any info, specific to your Track Day at Doni (24th Sept)…lap times, close calls (hi Bruno! [image][/image] ), engine specs (e.g.170supercharge upgrades !! - hi Rob [image][/image]),where you came from (no stork jokes please [image][/image] ),and also same for anyone going to Anglesey this weekend.[e.mail me direct if you wish]. I’ll try to get as much info. on Sat …you never know, you may even get into CCC [image][/image]. Thanks in anticipation…Mr BL.[This message has been edited by Chris R (edited 12 October 2001).]

Hi Chris, I realise that you probably aren’t aware given that you don�t drive at track days, but JFYI lap times etc. are a total no-no. Not only would it void our insurance, but in most cases it would also void the insurance of the organisers. Hence, there are no lap times to let you have I�m afraid. Sorry…

Also the weather conditions were different on every lap so times would be meaningless anyway.See for video footage and some comments.

Thanks to Tony & Jimbo for your comments, it was more on the lines of how each driver improved with better knowledge of the circuits (wet or dry) especially after the 1 to 1 tuition from the experts (Hyla Breese etc.). I realise that with such a variety of experience, skill, hardware and what %age of brain was left at home (Black Sierras) that a comparison is impossible. [image][/image]