performance / outlay database...

Anyone clever / geeky enough to compile a spreadsheet on performance gained vs money spent ?

Could be a very interesting thread!

Surely the pants weather could inspire someone ??

You mean a pound per bhp chart ?

And for added complexity do we include weight savings per pound ?

Yup … exactly what I mean .

Depending on the ability of the geek the weight thing would also be very interesting .

I have the geek ability just maybe not time - I’ll have a go this week but someone might beat me to it

I’ll use a 220s S2 @ 935kg as the base for the formule

Great stuff Chris !
Suggest people pm you with their input …
I’ll start the ball rolling with my cn bill and dyno plot .
Then hopefully follow up with a revised plot with the addition of a 4/1 and decat etc .
… I think Boothy may have some dyno info on the forge ??