Performance Help Please

I have recently bought a Exige and with it the dealer fitted an after market exhaust and induction kit. Can anyone tell me if there is anything else I can do, just to get that few more extra HP out of the engine? Many thanks.

Which Exige do you have and does it have the original engine fitted ?

Are you disappointed with the straight line performance ?

exhaust and induction kit add zero bhp but do sound very sexy - i know, i had it done.

exhaust and induction kit add zero bhp

Depends whether it’s an S1 or S2 - hence DSE asking I presume.

whats an “S1”?

a question we are all asking,
and waiting for an answer.
if someone can come up with the ecu upgrade that will actually work,then they will deserve the business they get.

I dont know which engine I have in it, it is standard that came with car, and it is just the Exige, not the s model. I want to try and get faster 0-60

What year was the car made ?

The exige isnt really a ‘sprint’ car … its more about agility.

The base toyota installation was pretty good in the first place - it has to be to get 192PS from a 1.8 engine.

All the mods which we discuss on here are mainly focussed on givng it a bit more character. I very much doubt an exhaust and air filterwill give more than 6-7 PS and it will be focussed mainly around the top end.

For real improvements you need to dump the standard exhaust manifold and cat and replace them with a longer, larger bore 4-2-1 type with a racing catalyst. This will allow the enigne to tune better in the midrange where the std car suffers with its cramped 4-1 exhaust.

In addition the low speed cams are far too short, their duration is only 225� as opposed to the 290� of the high speed hence the massive jump on second cam. I always though a 260� cam would work nicely through the mid range and Piper now make these. The problem is that you will have to remap the ECU to suit.

Without doubt the leading company in naturally aspirated S2 Exige tuning has got to be

I dont know which engine I have in it

Do you know where it is to look?

Without doubt the leading company in naturally aspirated S2 Exige tuning has got to be > >

PB used to look after my cars when i lived in milan. solid bunch… upside being bergamo isnt too far from monza

Yeah I should have justified my statement, but its good to get an independant confirmation!

When I investigated the Piper exhaust and cams the data/power curves I was sent all originated from PB so they have actually done the job and it works…must go and dig them up and have another look…

come on bob i think you can come up with a good tuning option here,
for us n/a s2 exige owners who are fed up with waiting for a economical power upgrade,
happy searching

As Bob says PB Racing may be worth contacting for N/A upgrades. They have been offering a 235hp N/A kit for more than a year. Not aware of anyone with it fitted in the UK though. I spoke to them when they were at the Autosport show last year. At that point they already had alternative maps for the stock ECU.

That the pity of it all, they’re bloody miles away.

The other pity is that they are selling the packages on BHP claims which is selling it short. Looking at the power curves there are mild increases in top end to be had from changing cams and a corresponing increase in the high speed torque but the torque dip is hardly noticeable. They’ve got a 26lb.ft boost at 5800 which means that you dont need to switch cams, the low speed cam is doing just fine still.

The bit I haven’t seen any data for is the Piper TLOT6CS exhaust. Its a work out art. Nice long primaries, smooth collectors down to 2 short secondaries and finallly a 200CPSI (free flowing) cat. This is pretty much the same config we use for all our tuned engines at work (including the glorious RS4 engine which I’d love to bolt into the back of an Exige…). Cams and exhaust come to �1400 + vat at RRP price and then you’d need a re map. If PB have got something to suit then great… in fact this is the conversion they call their 220 conversion (includes an induction kit too)

I’d love to buy one but I’m up to my neck in camper van resto just now.

The car is a 2007 07 1.8 Exige not the S