Performance Autocare Open Day, Saturday, July 8

Anyone planning to drop in to the above? Starts 10am, I believe.Weather looks reasonable and I need to put the mileage on

Where abouts is it

Apologies! Knaresborough, North Yorkshire. Lovely roads in the area

I am hoping to pop in Steve as on way to York

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I’ll be there aiming 10am :+1:t3:

Yes, bring a brolly :umbrella:

I’m aiming for 11 to hopefully miss the 10am downpour

Orange S1 for sale… (Honda’d)


Looks soggy but great pics @PaulT

It looks like SJW is regretting not buying an S1


Cracking photos, Paul. A bit damp, but another great meet with most of the usual suspects present! :+1: :grinning: