Penalty Charge Notice from Norway!

I have received this through the post from a UK company, Euro Parking Collection on behalf of Vegamot AS, a road toll operator in Norway.

Apparently, I went through a road toll without an electronic tag. I think it was on the outskirts of Trondheim. There is a photo but it just shows the front of the car, numerplate and a piece of road that could be anywhere.

But get this the date of the offence was 22nd August 2005! OK so I was in Norway then but how can I be expected to remember the details of the incident from so far back? I think I paid at an automatic barrier but cannot be sure. If I dont pay the fine doubles.

Does anyone have any experience with these situations? Can I ignore it and it will go away, or will they chase me through the legal process and the cost will go up exponentially?

Any help appreciated!


“Niceguy” (aka Johannes) is Norweigen, & lives there - send him a pm

PS How much are you talking about (�) ?

Could be worse, could have been Denmark… they would have threatened you with a cartoonist.

PS How much are you talking about (�) ?

I think they base it on your salary - luckily I was unemployed at the time - so its not a huge sum.

Just more interested to see if I can justify getting out of it.

Thanks for the link - thought something had happened like that

Im kind of surprised they cought you… thoght they wouldent bother since you dont live there… anyway… dont you know how much they will fine you?? Its only drunk driving that has something to do with your sallery (1.5 mth)… So dont think it will be that much … maybe 20 �???..
Not sure if its a good idea to try to get away with it Anyway… if you have some questions regarding this fine Ill be more then happy to give them a phone call and figure out smt…(but then I would need some reference number or smt)…

Anyway… Im glad they dident caought you in speeding which which would be more expensive…

Niceguy - thanks for the offer…I’m going to appeal the notice via the UK company. It can be done online. My main grounds are that is is too ong ago for me to have the full facts still available to me - ie I have forgot what happened! But I do remember putting some money into a coin machine at the side of the road, I think it even issed me a ticket but I dont that have proof now.

I also have my GPS route logs, so I am hoping that I can demonstrate that I didn’t really use the toll roads into Trondheim - we went off onto the 1st backroad we could find.

I’m saying nothing, but I avoid Belgium like the plague…

I got radared in Holland. A paltry 107 in a 100kmh and they went to the trouble of tracing me in Switzerland. They threatened that, if they had to send a payment reminder, the charge went from around �18 to ca. �40 and, if I didn’t pay that, it would increase massively and I would be put on an international outstanding motoring offences register and could be summarily arrested at any Euro border.

I ignored it and sure enough they sent the reminder with the �40 fine. At that point I decided to pay � but it must have cost the b*stards more to chase me than the fine. Welcome to tourist-friendly Holland!

I could imagine that Norway handles it similarly…

Talking of Belgium � I just went through there today at a “comfortable” cruising speed � don’t think I triggered anything � unlike France, where my pic was taken by a friendly roadside machine. I now wait to see if they will chase me up too… Strange how I was able to max out my car in Germany to the speed limiter (not in a Lotus) for miles on end at far higher speeds all in perfect legality on identical roads without any consequences. How can the same thing be accepted and done by virtually everyone in one Euro country, and yet in the others they are ready to lock you up for it???

Because ironically, Germans aren’t fascists