Pembrey 22nd Aug & Donington 29th Aug

  1. Pembrey - Mid Engined Sports Car Series - see Russ, Mark & Matt racing their Exiges. Here

  2. Donington - see Randy in his Group C monster Donington

Should both be cracking days out

Whats the plan for Pembrey - likely practise & race time I mean … ??

I’m back that weekend but gotta be back here later on Sunday and have a ticket from Brum at mo …


Don’t know - I’ll prod Russ so he posts up the details if/when he has them. Would be great to see you there too

I’ll be there (Pembrey) in Matt’s pit…

May even have my exige back !!!

Donny is another matter - would like to go, but her indoors…

Hi Andy, would be great if you could make it. It seems most of us are doing the track day on Saturday - early risers will do the whole day, I have just booked the afternoon session as I reckon it is going to be 5-6 hours with the trailer. Sunday, we have not been given our timetable yet, but I reckon qual around twelvish, race around 3- 4ish. I will post these up when I know for sure.

P.S. - Just received the entry list, which looks like the biggest turnout yet, with Lee Noble again. That car is quick! Just hope one of the Lotus boys can whup his ass.

Silverstone looks like being the one to be at - a guaranteed large field, and some new entries, like an Esprit and another Noble. Next season will be a corker if the existing guys carry on, and newbies come in, maybe VVR can move up to back of the midfield?

OK - I can get an Easy jet flight from Bristol at 19.00 … on Sunday …

Mike - how long from M4 to the airport do you reckon - it looks like its in the middle of nowhere

Allow at least a half an hour !!!

Would really like to go to this - just driving the length of the M4 puts me off Anyone driving up from London/Surrey, a convoy may ease the tedium.

Just got the regs through for Pembrey. We are on an early start for a change, so to catch qual you will have to be up v.early…

Qual - 09.00
Race - 13.30

See you there!!

p.s. track day the day before starts at 09.00, my first sesh will be 14.05.