Passenger side 5A light fuse continually blowing

Hello experts! My passenger side 5A fuse (for the parking, and tail lights on the passenger side, and also both rear number plate lights) has taken it apon itself to commit suicide with alarming regularity. Probably a short, but as I am a complete numpty, I wouldn’t know how to find it.

Anybody had this problem before?

yep - had that problem… cant say I solved it directly but it has stopped since I ensured that my sidelight bulbs were tightly fitted into the headlight and put new connectors onto the back of the headlight bulbs…

Wow!!! I posted this one a long time ago!!! Being a complete numpty, ‘solved it’ by putting a 7.5 amp fuse in instead. Thanks for this for the advice though - will give it a go, and put another 5amp fuse in.