Parts & Accessories

Just bought my first Lotus - an Exige 190.
I was wondering if anyone could send me the links to good websites who sell Exige accessories.
I’ve been on Elise parts and…is there any more good sites out there ???
Also has anyone tried to put an Elise MK2 steering wheel onto a MK1 Exige Elise, (will it fit?).
I think it’s better finished and I don’t like the quick release design and I’m looking at options.

Hi Glenn,

Welcome and congrats! Is it an S1 or S2? Colour? or or something You know there’s also Yvo’s which is… er… or .com or .net or something… But Elise Shop IYSWIM

Also, and I think it’s for nice CF tat


Thanks for that info,
It’s an S1 in Quartz with only 7k on the clock.

You mean that you have a quick release and want a fixed one?

Because my Exige has an original streering wheel, and could try swapping it with a quick release…

Did you have any problems with the finish?

Welcome along Glenn

Hope to see you at a trackday sometime…

links not yet mentioned lotus ecosse and moto build are pretty good

Hi you can also try:


Not getting the quick release, car was cheaper without it anyway.
Thanks for the links - I guess I’ll be busy for a while.

my exige actually came with an S2 elise wheel fitted from factory, so i’m sure it will fit!