Part number for Bosch lamber sensor for S1 K

Does anyone have the part number for a Bosch lamber sensor to fit a S1 Exige please.

I have Bosch 0258 006 127 A117E6007F not sure this is correct though.



That looks like a Lotus part number, not Bosch. The Elise S1 parts list gives the O2 sensor as (Lotus part number) A111E6059S.

SELOC Tech Wiki says that the number you’ve got is for the S2 Exige, and that the S1 Exige has the same part of the S1 Elise. It also give the Rover part number that you need as MHK10006. No Bosch part number.

I did buy one about 2 years ago, but I’m not sure I still have the receipt. I’ll try and remember to look it out.

ok cheers, that would be great. Thanks.

Found the receipt - it was actually Jan 06 !

I’m not sure if the following is a stock number (local supplier) or a Bosch part number, but here goes :

0258 003 229 - lambda sensor. �47.97+VAT.

Hope this helps,


Thanks Chris I’ll see what I can find out from your help.

I’m guessing here, but has your lambda sensor failed?

Only asking because I has two MOT testers tell me mine had, when it was actually the way they did the emissions test that was throwing up a false high lambda result (ie. lean running).

What alerted me is that this didn’t fit with the other emissions results and the engine was showing no signs of problems. I tested the sensor operation which was fine, then had the test done again by a Lotus specialist, where it passed with flying colours :slight_smile:

No mate I sold it in a manifold. I didn’t want to risk doing damage taking it out. I should have written the part number down and the number and colours of the wires.

Ok, no worries - sounds like the info is here so you’re saved!

Out of interest I put some of the alternative p/n’s from here:
into eBay and came up with a load of possibles, from �19.99 upwards.