Part Number for a K&N filter

Does anybody have the part number for the K&N filter for an exige to replace the pipercross ???

I dont like how thin the pipercross filter is and I think a stone would go straight through them.

Also does it just fit in as a replacement or does anything special need doing ???

Don’t know if K&N actually make a suitable cone filter. In 28K miles, I’ve never experienced a problem with the Pipercross filter, nor I have heard of anyone else having an issue.

I presume that the cone at the intake end (ie furthest away from the throttle bodies) has been removed, just leaving the one adjacent to the air box? If so, it’s hard to imagine a stone puncturing it!

Same here,

and I have the air intake occupying the complete left scoop, and as Pesky says, the filter nearer to the airbox.
Have done 14000 miles like this and no problem at all.
I wash and inspect it more often than the book says (just because I’m crazy), every 3000 miles or so, and re-oil it with the special Pipercross oil.
No problems.



Same setup as Uldis and no problems at all …

Will have to say its the same here too, no problems with it.

According to an old Rob Gibbons / Demon tweeks invoice - the part number I’ve got is K/NRU-3280 �75.78 incl VAT. and it gives an extra 100 BHP over the standard unit - unless you fit toe track rod swivel ends!!! [color:“black”] [/color]