Parking Assist

hi, please will someone send me pictures of the rear end of their exige s2 if they have parking assist fitted as im not too surre how they would look on the exige. on other cars there seems to be say 4 small buttons that kind of stick out from the bumper? does this ruin the lines on the exige or are they not noticable? send me a private message and i will give you my email address to send them to. many thanks. BOB

Bob, have alook at the tread ‘hello’ by Davey.He has some pictures of his Exige S2 and see if you can spot hte assist. I saw his car last weekend and I wouldn’t have noticed them if Dave had not shown me…

thanks, iv just tried the link but it does not work?

Bob I have sent you a message.

Basically you cant see the sensors at all. They are attached to the inside of the clam so you would never know its got park assist by looking at it.

Its a very neat job. I will check who the manufacturer is and post the details.