Palmer Sport Corporate Day at Bedford Autodrome

I have an invite to a day in September. It looks like the full monty day, as according to the blurb I will get drives in the following cars:

Mitsubishi Evo VI
Formula Palmer Audi
VX220 Turbo
Clio Cup Racer
Palmer Jaguar JP1 (twice)
Frontera 4x4
Caterham 7

really looking forward to the day. has anyone else been on one of these and if so and tips or tricks to get the best out of the day?

If they haven’t changed the format too much, you’ll be put into small groups and spend about an hour on a small circuit with each vehicle. They have little huts with coffee etc at the start/waiting point. You take it in turns to have a blast with an instructor who then times you. They all get collected and go towards a driver of the day. The trick for winning is to try and be consistent; I missed winning the overall thing by 1 point (to our rather talented 19 student!) because I slipped off the slippery log in the 4x4 too soon. Each vehicle has its own award too, although they only let you win one of those .

The FPA, JP1 and probably the Clio Cup are likely to be on the longer track. The Clio may well be slick shod and are rather easy to spin if you’re trying (they had their first decent accident in those, I know the crashees brother). They usually don’t time the FPA because they don’t want you pushing it too hard. Although the analysis of the telemetry is fun (I kept missing gears, not that it slowed me much!).

Good luck and have fun!


You lucky [color:“white”] barsteward [/color]

The times I have driven Bedford I always wished I had gone just a little bit fast, but didn’t want to trash MY car…

Since you will be driving THEIR cars…

Thanks for the info…I’ll give you an update after the event. I didn’t realise it was going to be competitive so hope I don’t feel a prat finishing near the bottom!