Pair Brake Disks

As it states - used, - no idea how much mileage as they were on when I bought it - 2K miles ago - but no ridges or bad wear patterns etcEliseparts pulled a master stroke by sending 2 pairs of disks to me, so do I send one pair back or fit both … [image][/image]Photo can be mailed or see me at Cadwell or whatever … just dont want 'em in the loft [image][/image]

Hi AndyNow that you have told Eliseparts that they have sent you two sets of disks (as they read this site!) you may well end up sending them back - d’oh!!!Mail me offline, interested in the disks as spares for sprinting in case I get “caught short” at a circuitCheers

MarkYHMEr … nope I’ll be keeping the two sets - I paid for 'em [image][/image] - besides it made my mind up to change all 4 in one time [image][/image]