Paint Protection.

Hi, I would like to protect the paintwork on the bonnet of my MK2 Elise. Has anyone got details of companies that you have used? Does anyone know what the cost is likely to be? Thanks. NUT

I heard that stuff would turn yellow after time. Do you have it? Have you had it do that??



Avoid armorfend.

Save the money for a decent respray.

Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with armourfend?

Well, it turns yellow with age, and becomes brittle.

If you have a lighter coloured car (like New Aluminium) it’ll start to look poor.

Also, if it’s pierced by a stone chip, and water seeps in, it’ll become a nice blister.

We have protective film which isn’t “Armourfend”.
It’s cheaper and doesn’t turn yellow either.

PM me for the details.