Paint Protection Film

I’m aware of 2 copanies that can supply paint protection kits for the S2 - Defendall (Scotland) and Armourfend (England).

Are there any others?

Can anyone recommend which one to go for?

The only thing that confuses me is that they differ slightly in the parts they protect!

Opinions please!

I believe EVO’s fast fleet S2 has paint protection film from a different company. Go to their website and read the article.

Cheers mate


Thanks buddy.

The company they used was via:

Looks to offer greater vehicle coverage (based on an Elise S2) than the other’s I mentioned, but there are no installers in Scotland.

I’ve not seen what Defendall covers (wating for a reply to my email), and my only problem with Armourfend is that it doesn’t seem to cater for the bonnet.

I might be wrong though… I frequently am!!

Mines got armourfend - including instead of rear arch protector black patches. (I did’nt take them off)
No problem at all - but it’s expensive and some of the cheaper products are prone to discolouring in time.

Hey Tone.

Can you tell me if the ‘lower half’ of your bonnet has the film, or is it just the nose/grille and then a vertical strip between the mesh bonnet vents?


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The armourfend on mine goes to a line about 3" above the nose badge… Ultiumately it’s not gonna do an amazing job, especially if you go into the kitty litter but it’ll help from the little odds and sods here…

i aint not got none on me bonnet nor me nose
Hence car has to have front resprayed every 48,000 miles - or about now…

The Defendall goes up to about 1cm above the lights, covers the whole bonnet and the whole front are up to the bonnet.
I also covers all leading edges and even curves inside, like towards the grill.

It is really what I always thought protection should be.

Armourfend to me is like having a condom that covers only the sides, leaving the tip uncovered


Does it also cover the mirrors, lock surround and petrol surround?

I forgot.
Yes, mirrors, mirror stalks, rear air vent edge, sills (side and above), splitter, the black vinyl in front of the rear arches and finally, inside the front scoops.

But no lock surround or petrol surround. I have never seen a scratch there anyway.

Thanks bud.

Defendall it is!!